Closely Spaced Nanomagnets by Dual e-beam Exposure for Low-energy NML

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    Faisal Shah (Univ. of Notre Dame), Gyorgy Csaba (Univ. of Notre Dame), Katherine Butler (Univ. of Notre Dame), Gary H. Bernstein (Univ. of Notre Dame)
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    1806.006 (University of Notre Dame)


Nanomagnet logic (NML) is a beyond-Moore logic paradigm in which nanoscale magnetic islands (arranged in a QCA-like architecture) perform Boolean logic operations. The most significant component in the NML system-level energy budget is the clocking. Clock field must be reduced for a lower-energy NML system. Our goal is to reduce the required clock field by enhancing the field through the reduction of nanomagnet spacing. Space reduction also reduces the NML footprint per logic operation.

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