ReDEEM: A Heterogeneous Distributed Microarchitecture for Energy-Efficient Reliability

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    Biruk Mammo (Univ. of Michigan), Ritesh Parikh (Intel), Valeria M. Bertacco (Univ. of Michigan)
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    2384.005 (University of Michigan)


Diminishing energy-efficiency returns and decreasing transistor reliability are casting shadows on semiconductor scaling. Yet, as embedded processors become more powerful and find their way into more diverse applications, both high reliability and energy-efficiency become critical. In this work, we propose ReDEEM, an energy-efficient and reliable microarchitecture that composes processor pipelines at runtime from redundant but heterogeneous pipeline components. These pipeline components are loosely coupled and the control logic is decentralized so as to enable fault isolation and thereby eliminate single points of failure. The microarchitecture can adapt dynamically to varying application phases by constructing energy-efficient pipelines best suited for each phase. In addition, pipeline components have power management capabilities that allow for greater energy efficiency and flexibility. Our experimental evaluation shows that our solution offers up to 60% in energy savings and can operate about 1.8x longer, when subjected to the same fault rate as a state-of-the-art reliable microarchitecture.

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