Tabletop Extreme Ultraviolet Reflection Mode Coherent Diffractive Imaging of Buried Structures

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    Dennis F. Gardner (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Elisabeth R. Shanblatt (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Christina L. Porter (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Michael Tanksalvala (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Robert M. Karl (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Charles Bevis (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Henry Kapteyn (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Margaret Murnane (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Daniel Adams (U. of Colorado/Boulder), Giulia F. Mancini (U. of Colorado/Boulder)
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    2443.001 (University of Colorado/Boulder)


We demonstrate non-invasive, high-resolution non-destructive reflection mode imaging of nanostructures buried beneath 100 nm of visibly opaque aluminum using ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging with 29.1 nm extreme ultraviolet light produced by tabletop high harmonic source.
OCIS codes: (240.1485) Buried interfaces; (110.7440) X-ray imaging; (110.1650) Coherence imaging; (110.0180) Microscopy

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