Low-Power Electronic Switches with Gallium Nitride Transistors

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    Patrick Fay (Univ. of Notre Dame), Debdeep Jena (Cornell)
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    2383.002 (Pennsylvania State University)
    58 minutes
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Continuing increases in circuit complexity and capability for logic and computation applications as well as for emerging low-power systems require fundamental advances in device technology and scaling. Due to power constraints, devices capable of achieving switching slopes (SS) steeper than 60 mV/decade are essential if conventional computational architectures are to continue scaling. Similarly, low power systems such as mobile devices and distributed sensing applications also benefit from devices capable of delivering high performance in low-voltage operation. Tunneling field effect transistors (TFETs) are one promising alternative to achieve these objectives. A great deal of work has been devoted to realizing TFETs in Si, Ge, and narrow-gap III-V materials, but the use of III-N heterostructures and the exploitation of polarization engineering in particular offers unique opportunities. From physics-based simulations, GaN/InGaN/GaN heterostructure TFETs offer the potential for achieving switching slopes approaching 20 mV/decade with on-current densities exceeding 100 µA/µm in nanowire configurations. In this talk, the operational principles of III-N-based TFETs will be described, and device design and performance considerations will be discussed. To realize these devices experimentally, significant advancements in the growth of suitable polarization-engineered heterostructures with low defectivity is needed; well-controlled atomic-scale heterojunctions between GaN and InGaN with relatively high In mole fractions are needed, and formation of nanowires for electrostatic control is also critical. The materials and fabrication challenges associated with this ongoing effort will be reviewed, and opportunities for future developments will be discussed.

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12 April 2017
Low-Power Electronic Switches with Gallium Nitride Transistors
Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 2 p.m.–3 p.m. ET
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