Advances in Control and Circuit Design for Integrated Linear Regulators in Finegrain Power Management

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    Arijit Raychowdhury (Georgia Tech)
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    1836.140 (Georgia Institute of Technology)
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Fine grained spatiotemporal power management in SoCs require DC-DC converters and embedded voltage regulators that are compact, energy-efficient, and able to operate over a large dynamic range. Buck converters, switched capacitor converters and linear regulators have become key IP blocks to delivery power in diverse load circuits. In this talk, I will focus on linear regulators as key enablers for per-core “dynamic voltage and frequency scaling” (DVFS) in ultralow power SoCs. Linear regulators have been traditionally designed for supply sensitive analog circuits which typically represent DC loads with small current transients and operate over a narrow operating range. However, an increasing number of power domains, decreasing decoupling capacitance per domain, large current transients and an ever expanding current/voltage dynamic range in digital circuits motivate the investigation of alternative topologies for linear regulators, including all-digital and hybrid analog/digital loops. In this talk we will present some of our recent work on linear regulators suitable for digital load circuits. We will describe control models and Silicon measurements to demonstrate operation over a wide operating range with high current efficiencies across the entire range. We will introduce switched mode control, discrete time and continuous time loops as well as our recent work on unification of clocking and regulation for resilience to large dynamic variations.

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Advances in Control and Circuit Design for Integrated Linear Regulators in Fine-grain Power Management
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