Role of Ionic Liquids with Fluorinated Anions in Designing CO2 Sensors for Integration into Semiconductor Electronics

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    Badrinath Jagannath (UT/Dallas), Edward W. Graef (UT/Dallas), Ashlesha Bhide (UT/Dallas), Shalini Prasad (UT/Dallas)
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    1836.159 (University of Texas/Dallas)


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas and monitoring of CO2 levels is important in several industries. However, current existing sensors are unstable, less accurate, prone to environmental drift and have slow response time. Room Temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) are stable at even up to 400° C and possess excellent electrochemical characteristics with wide electrochemical window that make them suitable for rapid sensing of environmental gases. RTILs are molten salts that consist of an organic cation and an organic/inorganic anion. RTILs with fluorinated anionic moieties have affinity towards CO2 and therefore, two RTILs with anionic fluorinated moieties were evaluated for the sensing of CO2. EMIM[TF2N] and EMIM[FAP] were assessed for the sensing of 400, 750 and 1000 ppm of CO2 at various environmental conditions. Since fluorinated anionic moieties have affinity for CO2, both the RTILs show high sensitivity of few nano-farad capacitance changes to CO2 response in varying temperature and humidity conditions.

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