Improvements to the Student Directory


We are pleased to announce two new improvements to the Student Directory. Starting this week, you’ll be able to use the new “Resume on File” filter to exclude those students who do not have a resume on file. This feature will be very useful for recruiters who only want to contact students with active resumes; use this filter by itself or in combination with other, research-related filters.

In addition, we’ve improved the way that you can download student information. There are now two options. If you choose the “Download Resumes” link, you will get a spreadsheet of the students you selected. Each student will appear once and will contain the expected contact and student information, along with a link to the student’s page on our website where you can learn more about the student’s research participation.

The new feature is the “Resumes and Research Participation” link. If you use this, you will get the same contact and student information, but in addition you will also get details about each student’s participation on research. Because each research assignment has its own set of unique details, each student will appear once for each research assignment, which means that students may appear multiple times in the spreadsheet. This will make it easy to sort students by different attributes of the research.


We’ve made these improvements as a direct result of customer feedback from people like you. Please email us at to provide any feedback on these improvements or other aspects of the site.

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