Special Poster Session Highlighting SRC Student Innovation


This all-student poster session showcase at IEDM highlights fundamental semiconductor research in universities worldwide, sponsored by industry members and government agencies. The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) drives advances in materials, devices, processing, metrology, and modeling that are all well-aligned to IEDM’s future.

Event details

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm in the Golden Gate Room

Poster Names

The GaN-on-AlN Platform for Integrated Wide-bandgap Power Electronics Samuel Bader / Cornell
First Demonstration of Vacuum-sealed Fully Integrated BEOL-compatible Field Emission Devices for Si Integrated High Voltage Applications Nishita Deka / UCB
Excitonic Devices and Transport Properties Chelsey Dorow / UCSD
First Transistor Demonstration of Thermal Atomic Layer Etching: InGaAs FinFETs with sub-5 nm Fin-width Featuring in situ ALE-ALD Wenjie Lu / MIT
Doping Techniques for 2D Materials Connor McClellan / Stanford
Device-to-System Evaluation Framework for Cognitive Microsystems Xiaochen Peng / Arizona State
Post-Silicon Layout Sensitivity Mining: A Pathway to Defect-Driven Test Quality and Yield Improvement Gaurav Rajavendra Reddy / UT Dallas
A Sub-60 mV/dec 2D Strain Field Effect Transistor: 2D-SFET Daniel Schulman / Penn State
GaN-based Mach-Zehnder Modulators for Highly Efficient Optical Modulation and Switching Applications Patrick Su / UIUC
Ferroelectric Hafnium Oxide: A Contender for Next-Generation Memory Technologies  Ava Tan / UCB
An Ultra-fast Multi-level MoTe2-based RRAM Feng Zhang / Purdue
Hyper-Selective Co Metal ALD on Cu and Pt Without Passivation Steven Wolf / UC San Diego
Multiscale Modeling of the Growth of 2D Functional Materials Yifan Nie / UT Dallas
Sub-10 nm Diameter InGaAs Vertical Nanowire MOSFETs: Ni vs. Mo contacts Xin Zhao / MIT
All-Cu Compliant Interconnections for Chip-to-substrate Applications Kashyap Mohan / Georgia Tech
Novel (nano)materials For Thermal Management of 3D Integrated Circuits  Cagil Koroglu / Stanford
Experimental Demonstration of Ferroelectric Spiking Neurons for Unsupervised Clustering Zheng Wang / Georgia Tech
Fine-Pitch Integration Technology for Cognitive System Scaling Zhe Wan / UCLA
Performance Enhancement of Metal-Ion-Threshold Switch (MITS) Selectors Benjamin Grisafe / Univ. of Notre Dame
Hyper-Dimensional (HD) Computing with Resistive RAM Haitong Li / Stanford
Research Towards a Multi-level Charge-trap eNVM Fully Compatible with Digital Fabrication Processes Siming Ma / Harvard Univ.
Zero-Threshold Metallic Rectifier Using Low-Energy Barrier Nano-Magnets Shehrin Sayed / Purdue

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