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Packaging Science


SRC's Interconnect and Packaging Sciences area is soliciting white papers in the area of Packaging Science.

This call for research, issued to universities worldwide, may be addressed by individual investigators or by small research teams. Successful white paper authors will be invited to submit a full proposal. Contracts resulting from this solicitation are anticipated to be three years in duration.

Depending on the quality of proposals and the funds available, SRC expects to fund the equivalent of approximately eight researcher/student teams from this solicitation. However, SRC reserves the right to fund some, or none, of the proposed work, depending on the quality of proposals received and availability of funds. SRC also reserves the right to negotiate with any multi-investigator proposers to increase/reduce/modify the team to meet funding and/or synergy goals.

Funding in this solicitation will be divided among programs emphasizing BEP interests, programs emphasizing Packaging interests, and programs addressing the interface between these two areas. All three of these areas are expected to be well represented in the final proposals selected. However, the final distribution will depend on the quality and strength of white papers and final proposals received.

Research Needs

The following research needs documents describes some specific needs within the current Packaging sub-thrusts.


The role of this solicitation is to stimulate non-traditional thinking about the issues facing the continuation of interconnect and packaging technology up to and beyond the boundaries of the ITRS. This solicitation covers all areas of Packaging, and the interface between Back End processing and Packaging. Items of interest in each of these areas are described more fully in the "2005 Packaging Thrust Strategic Needs" document contained on the SRC IPS web site. However, areas of special emphasis in this solicitation include:

  • GLOBAL INTERCONNECT- revolutionary modeling tools and analytical methods that will help to make modeling tools/analysis more accurate, rapid, and predictive; package/chip co-design tools that will support the design of System in a Package; modeling of power distribution networks;
  • THERMAL MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL- thermal management and control techniques and components; thermal interface materials;
  • MATERIALS AND INTERFACES - fundamental studies of packaging materials reliability; studies of structure, adhesion, debonding, and fracture at interfaces of packaging materials and back end materials influenced by packaging; and
  • NEW CONCEPTS IN PACKAGING - new compliant chip to package Interconnect; new concepts and radical alternatives for systems approaches to packaging and/or total chip-package functionality that transcend the traditional view of chips integrated into packages

Of particular interest are theoretical and experimental assessments of new concepts and radical alternatives to current directions in these interest areas. Submissions outside the primary interest areas will be considered, but may be viewed with a lower priority than the areas of special emphasis.

White Paper Guidelines

Responses are to be submitted as single PDF (or MS-Word) documents generated with 10 point or larger fonts. Limit document size to 5 pages (including all figures, references, etc.) sized to the US standard (8.5 by 11 inches). Non-compliance with these guidelines may exclude your white paper from consideration.

Please include the following identifying information in your white paper:

  • Project title
  • Investigators
  • University
  • Telephone number and e-mail address

Please address the following topics in your white paper:

  • Context: emphasis area (Global Interconnect, Thermal Management and Control, Materials and Interfaces, or New Concepts in Packaging) and problem to be addressed
  • Rationale: value in terms of semiconductor industry needs
  • Novelty: role of this research in advancing knowledge and state-of-the-art
  • Approach: strategy for addressing the problem
  • Results: anticipated output of a successful effort and long-term significance to the semiconductor industry
  • Engagement: your plan for integration with SRC member companies
  • Students: your plan for involvement and education of graduate students (a key SRC goal)
  • Funding: a per-year approximation of overall funding requirements (university approval and official budgets are not required at this time)

Awardees will be expected to:

  • Disclose blocking background intellectual property
  • Provide data on student assistants on a regular basis to assist SRC member companies and students in recruiting/job hunting efforts
  • Submit publications resulting from sponsored research, which will be reviewed for IP content before publication (pre-prints will be needed for inclusion on SRC Web site)
  • Participate in annual research reviews to describe the results of their study
  • Provide annual reports (consisting of an electronic copy of material presented at the annual review) and pre-defined deliverables
  • A short final report documenting progress for the program and suggested future directions

Projected Timetable and Deadlines

Event Deadline
Request for White Papers June 15, 2005
Deadline to Submit White Papers July 13, 2005
Proposals Requested September 1, 2005
Deadline to Submit Proposals September 23, 2005
Program/Funding Start December 1, 2005

Please direct all technical questions to Dr. Harold Hosack, (harold.hosack@src.org).
All other questions should be directed to Jennifer Bennett, (jennifer.bennett@src.org ).

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