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The Center builds on research in steep device technology developed in the Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery (MIND), one of four SRC Centers in the NRI. While the focus of the work in MIND is on narrow-gap heterojunction III-V TFETs, this material system will not be utilized in LEAST, as this research path is being addressed by industry. LEAST will instead look to new material systems and new switching phenomena (both single particle and collective physics) beyond the III-V TFET for low-voltage, low-power devices and systems. This widens the search for physical mechanisms leading to abrupt transistor switching and provides a unifying direction for Center researchers. In addition to the materials and device efforts, the Center will also supports a small collaborative group of researchers interested in exploring new circuits and architectures arising from the devices under investigation. As in MIND, a benchmarking activity will be pursued to gauge the performance of the emerging technologies against scaled CMOS.

Research Focus

Theme 1: Materials, Interfaces, and Surfaces. This theme provides the materials understanding in the Center and focuses on fundamental challenges associated with growth, interface control, and surfaces for steep devices.

Theme 2: Quantum Engineered Steep Transistors. This theme is a device Theme aimed at understanding and demonstrating steep slope tunneling devices in 2D graphene and dichalcogenide crystals, III-Nitrides, and complex oxides.

Theme 3: Transduction Components. This theme explores transduction mechanisms beyond tunneling to further lower subthreshold swing and add new functionality to steep devices.

Theme 4: Benchmarks, Circuits and Architectures. This theme will provide the benchmarking activities in the Center and explore applications for steep technologies including low-power digital logic, low-power analog, high-frequency mixed signal, security, non-von-Neumann machines, and nonBoolean computing.

LEAST Metrics

  1. Current

    4 Research Themes
    10 Universities
    105 Students
    35 Faculty Researchers
    25 Industry Associate Personnel
  2. This Year

    48 Research Publications
  3. Last Year

    314 Research Publications
    6 Patent Applications
  4. Since Inception

    4 Research Themes
    11 Universities
    141 Students
    41 Faculty Researchers
    33 Industry Associate Personnel
    612 Research Publications
    6 Patent Applications
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