SRC participates in Micro Tech 2000 roadmap efforts; embraces Total Quality Management; and establishes the Technical Excellence Award.


  • The Executive Technology Coordinating Group is formed to improve the coordination of cooperative research and development efforts of the semiconductor industry.
  • Micro Tech 2000, a workshop sponsored by NACS (see 1988 highlights) in Research Triangle Park produces the first industry-wide technology roadmap, with major SRC participation.
  • TQM (Total Quality Management) analysis begins to ensure that SRC customers are able to obtain and rapidly apply the highest quality generic long-range research results.
  • Research efforts of over 250 faculty and 700 graduate students at 56 research organizations are directed to SRC research goals.
  • SRC’s Board of Directors authorizes the Technical Excellence Award as a complement to the Inventor Recognition Award established in 1986.
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1991 Officers

  • Gerhard H. Parker, Board Chairman
  • Larry W. Sumney, CEO
  • Ralph E. Darby, Secretary

1991 Board of Directors

  • William T. Siegle Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  • C. Mark Melliar-Smith AT&T
  • Thomas F. Gannon Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Jack F. Strange E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
  • Rajinder P. Khosla Eastman Kodak Company
  • Peter R. Younger Eaton Corporation
  • Walter R. McIndoo General Motors Corporation
  • Jeffrey D. Peters Harris Corporation
  • Fred N. Schwettmann Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Daniel J. Fleming IBM Corporation
  • Gerhard H. Parker, Chairman Intel Corporation
  • Joseph L. Parkinson Micron Technology, Inc.
  • Owen P. Williams Motorola, Incorporated
  • James B. Owens National Semiconductor Corporation
  • Lowell D. Deckard NCR Corporation
  • Larry W. Sumney Semiconductor Research Corporation
  • G. R. Mohan Rao Texas Instruments Incorporated

1991 SRC Senior Staff

  • Larry W. Sumney, President & CEO
  • Robert M. Burger, Vice President and Chief Scientist
  • James F. Freedman, Vice President, Research Integration
  • William C. (Bill) Holton, Vice President, Research Operations
  • D. Howard Phillips, Vice President, Marketing & Member Relations

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