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New $60M+ Research Program for Fundamental Research in Nanoelectronics

The nanoelectronic COmputing REsearch (nCORE) program funds collaborative university research in the U.S. to develop key technologies to enable novel computing and storage paradigms with long-term impact on the semiconductor, electronics, computing, and defense industries. The nCORE program supports the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) through government-industry-academia collaborations. It will be driven by fundamental research on emerging materials and devices with the potential to achieve significantly improved efficiency, enhanced performance, and new functionalities, beyond the capability of conventional CMOS technologies. The new program is built upon the learning from the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI).

Research Scope Overview

The research scope of the nCORE program is described by five research vectors:

Research Vector 1: Novel Computing Paradigms
Novel computing and storage paradigms, theory of operation, beyond conventional CMOS devices, beyond von Neumann architectures, and beyond classical information processing and sensing

Research Vector 2: Device, Interconnect, and Materials Research
Fundamental material, device, and interconnect research to enable novel computing and storage paradigms

Research Vector 3: Advanced Manufacturing and Nanofabrication
Advanced manufacturing and nanofabrication to enable the production of emerging devices and systems

Research Vector 4: Innovative Metrology and Characterization
Innovative metrology and characterization to support basic device and material research, plus test platforms and standards to benchmark performance from device-level up to system-level

Research Vector 5: Computational Models
Computational models to support basic research from emerging devices and materials to novel systems

The new nCORE program is one of the two program initiatives under SRC’s New Science Team (NST) funded through partnerships between industry and government agencies. Current funding opportunities are listed below – click the link to read more detail for each solicitation.

nCORE will explore additional collaborations with government agencies.  Continue to check here for future funding opportunities. 

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