Samsung Electronics Joins SRC

Samsung will participate in multiple SRC research programs for the advancement of semiconductor technologies

Oct 4, 2017

DURHAM, N.C. (Sept. 19, 2017) – Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), today announced that Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. (Samsung), one of the world’s largest chipmakers, has signed an agreement to join SRC’s research consortium. Samsung will participate in two SRC platforms – the New Science Team(NST) project and the Global Research Collaboration (GRC) program.

The NST project, a 5-year, $300M+ initiative commences in January 2018. NST consists of two complementary research programs: JUMP  (Joint University Microelectronics Program) and nCORE (nanoelectronics Computing Research), supporting long-term research focused on high- performance, energy-efficient microelectronics for communications, computing and storage needs. Within the GRC program, comprised of nine design and process technology research disciplines, Samsung will participate in the Packaging and Logic & Memory Devices programs.

“It is an exciting time at SRC with the addition of Samsung to our premier group of semiconductor design, manufacturing, and advanced technology companies. SRC welcomes Samsung as we continue to bring together the world’s most brilliant minds to turn theories into reality,” said Ken Hansen, President and CEO of Semiconductor Research Corporation. “We now have the most innovative semiconductor companies collaborating to advance research for next-generation technology and to continue the promise of Moore’s Law economics, bringing increased performance and new product features to the consumer.”

“Collaborative research has been a key element of Samsung’s global strategy,” said Dr. HK Kang, Executive Vice President of Semiconductor Research and Development Center, Samsung Electronics. “The roadmap to future discoveries in technology is deeply rooted in the research coming from industry-sponsored university programs such as NST and GRC. We look forward to working with the SRC team to spark meaningful advancements in semiconductor technology as we explore future innovation.”

With the addition of Samsung, 7 of the top 10 global semiconductor companies are now members of SRC. Samsung represents the fifth non-U.S. headquartered company to join SRC within the last 18+ months.

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