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SRC is an amazing collaborative community. Earlier this year, we released the 2030 Decadal Plan for Semiconductors, a 10-year plan that will help guide us as we look to navigate the roaring ‘20s and usher in the next golden age of semiconductor and ICT growth. To support the industry as our members rise to this challenge, we must provide better tools that will give faster insight, enhance collaboration, and create richer relationships.

SRC Technology Roadmap


Open Water / Solicitation & Abstract Management

A modern, online solution to call for awards, abstracts, ratings, and solicitations. 
Openwater FAQs


Auth0 / Single Sign On

Implementing single sign-on will reduce the need for multiple usernames and passwords across the SRC ecosystem.


Pillar Science Collaborative Research Platform

Please to join the beta testing list for 2022.

We are working with Pillar Software to build a collaborative research platform for SRC members and academics. This new tool will improve communication, provide faster insight, and create rich tech transfer opportunities between members, researchers, and students. 

Want to get involved, share an idea, or ask a question? Email us at  .
Learn More about the Pillar Project

New research information management tools will be available January 2023.


Cvent / Events Management

Automate marketing, registration, coordination, and scheduling of events so that every event can be successful.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Customer Relationship Management

Robust software to manage and maintain customer relationships, marketing campaigns, and advisory boards that modernizes how we interact with our customers.


Website Portal

Responsive design that communicates, to a broad audience, our purpose and mission. For our members and researchers, this will be the front door for accessing SRC tools and software.

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