OpenWater Tool for Funding Opportunities

SRC is partnering with OpenWater, an industry leader in Abstract Management Software, to bring you modern software that will streamline the process for submissions and ratings. We're especially excited for some of the new collaboration tools that will be available to the review committees.

Submissions FAQ

Ratings FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you using OpenWater?

We switched to OpenWater because we needed to modernize our tech stack. At the same time, we wanted to support an online rating process for our member community. We also wanted to offer better tools for collaborating than we had offered in the past.

Do I use my SRC website account?

Yes! We have switched to using Auth0 Single-Sign-On. You will use the email address and password we have on file for your account at 

No. In order to submit a paper or review a solicitation, you do not need an SRC website account. However, if you are selected as a contract performer you will need to create an SRC website account.

Do I need to create an account at OpenWater?

No! You simply need to create an account at Get help here.  

Yes. In order to submit a paper or review a solicitation, you will need to sign up for an OpenWater account. Raters and collaborators will be invited to sign up. Researchers can sign up at their convenience.

Who is a Designated Company Rater?

The voting Advisory Board member is assigned as the company rater. Colleagues and subject matter experts can collaborate offline with board members. 

Where do I go to rate?

The SRC OpenWater portal can be found here:

What can I download, and where?

You can download each submission individually, 25 PDF submissions at a time, or a Submissions Detail spreadsheet including links to all the submissions. These downloads are available from within the list of submissions, or within the submission itself.

Can I track a proposal back to the white paper?

Yes. The application code for the submission will persist from the white paper stage to the proposal stage.

I don't see any solicitations when I'm logged in

This may be because you have not been assigned as a rater to the solicitation. Please contact the proposal administrator or email for help.

Where do I go to submit?

If a call is open, you will find a green "Submit" button on the call page. This button will take you to the correct landing page using OpenWater. You can also access our OpenWater home page here.

Should I update my email ALLOW list?

Some automated emails are sent as a result of taking actions, such as submitting a paper. Email will come from Please do not reply to this email address as it is unmonitored.

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